I have been a patient of Elaine Guiang for the better part of 2022 and early part of 2023.

She has proved to be knowledgeable, pleasant, punctual, and easy to understand. She has a wonderful bedside manner!

I have changed or reduced medication due to her guidance and my health has improved due to her knowledge, input and diagnosis.

I would go to her again and look forward to our future appointments.

W.L. // Patient

I can always count on Elaine for my medical advice and needs. Her care for others is so heartwarming and I always feel safe and comfortable coming to her for help. 

M.D. // Patient

It is a pleasure to know Elaine given that she is an excellent nurse practitioner who can leave a lasting effect on anyone. Her incredible attention to detail ensures that no aspect of anyone's treatment is ignored. She is extremely skilled and possesses great knowledge. Most importantly, she makes everyone feel respected and secure with her honest care and commitment to her patients. I wholeheartedly trust her with my healthcare and highly recommend her to others.

M.M. // Colleague

Mrs. Elaine Guiang is truly the best NP I’ve ever came across for all my health needs. I cannot say enough good things about her and her practice. She is professional, sincere, and very informative in her line of work and I wish everyone could have a medical professional like her in their lives. I will continue to recommend her to my close family & friends going forward.

C.M. // Patient

Working with Nurse Practitioner Elaine Guiang was such a pleasure. As her supervisor, I immediately picked up on how passionate she is when providing care to the community. She pays close attention to detail and is very thorough with every patient. She is resilient, calm, understanding, professional, sociable, and very knowledgeable. As a community, we are blessed to have Elaine Guiang to provide us the vital medical care we need.

B.V. // Former Supervisor

I have seen Elaine Guiang as my main medical provider for a few years now. I have found her to be compassionate and caring. She is extremely knowledgeable in the medical field and always willing to go above and beyond in helping her patients with kindness and a want to understand so she can be a help to provide to them medically. She is also knowledgeable in nutrition and how the way a person eats can affect overall health. She is also knowledgeable in meditation. I have found that she is always finding classes to continue to educate her self. So that said, her knowledge is usually up to date and she is willing to grow. Knowing she is my medical provider gives me a simple peace that I know my medical care and needs are taken care of. Another thing, she is the type that will have a conversation with you about what's going on health wise so she can understand you from your point of view, so don't hesitate to make an appointment with Elaine Guiang. You will be glad you did once you meet her. I know I am grateful for the day I did. 

M.K. // Patient

Finding primary care can be challenging and frustrating. I had been struggling to find the right primary care provider for my grandmother's medical needs. When a new company was recommended to my grandmother that had the ability to provide at home care we decided to give it a try. This is when we met nurse practitioner Elaine a little over 2 years ago. 

From the very beginning Elaine has provided outstanding care for my grandmother. Elaine is thorough and thoughtful. She remembers important details about my grandmothers medical conditions while also addressing any new health issues. She also asks important questions and makes sure my grandmother is up to date on prescriptions. Elaine also treats her patients as people and with respect. This is so important especially when dealing with seniors who really need someone who will listen to their medical concerns. 

I highly recommend Elaine for anyone who is in need of a person to handle their primary care needs. She is excellent at what she does and knows what she's doing! She is definitely the best! 

A.C. // Patient

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