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Co-Founder & Nurse Practitioner

Elaine Guiang FNP-C, CFNC

Elaine is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 17 years of acute and long-term care experience in various hospital and outpatient settings. She graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, and later obtained her Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Cincinnati in 2017. She has served as a primary care provider in Las Vegas, Nevada over the last 6 years predominantly for the senior population. Elaine's passion and reverence for the elderly took its roots in her earlier years as a nursing student. With the rapid growth rate of this population, Elaine is poised and honored to contribute to the welfare of our senior community. 

Elaine has a strong interest in holistic and lifestyle medicine and is currently pursuing a Functional Medicine Certification with Functional Medicine University.

Elaine was inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing in 2017, and is also a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the American Nurses Association, and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Certifications & Post-Graduate Education

  • Certified Geriatric Care Professional
  • Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor
  • Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher
  • Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice - The Institute For Functional Medicine
  • Therapeutic Food Plans - The Institute For Functional Medicine
  • Reiki Practitioner (Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Ryoho 1st & 2nd Degree)

A Note From Elaine:

Welcome everyone!

Thank you for visiting our website and for taking a moment to get to know us!

Aside from my educational and professional background, I am an ordinary person just doing life! I've had my own struggles with chronic, debilitating pain from endometriosis for many years, and have experienced first-hand how nutrition and lifestyle can greatly impact your health. After multiple failed treatments and surgeries, I discovered another way – a way that worked for me. Through the compassionate care of my naturopathic and functional medicine providers, as well as my bioenergetic practitioner, l've been able to uncover many missing pieces to help me come closer to true healing. I continue on my journey to wellness to this day, except I am a stronger person now, and view health and the world through a different lens. With new insights and wisdom gained over the last decade, I have confidence that my path forward will only bring about the best version of myself–and I want the same for you!

The world is embarking on a great transformation as a whole. The global pandemic has, in some ways, propelled this transition even further. More and more people are becoming aware, enlightened, and empowered that true healing and happiness do not come solely from a pill bottle or surgery.  It comes from the ongoing willpower and inspiration to practice long-term, healthy lifestyle changes to help your body tap into its innate healing capacity.  Whether that is through proper nutrition, increased physical activity, improving your sleep, or connecting more–with nature, with others, or with “yourself” through journaling or meditation, the time is now – to get quiet, go within, and listen to your intuition. What are the circumstances that lead you to your state of health today? What is it that you want more of in life, but you’re held back by your own chronic physical, mental, or emotional conditions? What inspires and motivates you to make better decisions to heal or prevent the development of chronic disease? Whether it be your loved ones, your destined purpose, or the desire to “just feel good”, if you give your mind and body what it needs, it will heal.  For most, true healing takes time and is not linear. There will be ups and downs along the way, but putting in the work little by little each day will eventually produce amazing results that you never thought could be possible. It can be as simple as starting by shifting your mindset and visualizing the desired outcome in great detail. Never forget to celebrate even the little wins!

Breaking away from the corporate model and taking the plunge to practice independently is an absolute dream come true as it affords me the autonomy to practice in my own, unique way. I would be honored to be your guide on your health and wellness journey to help you become the best version of yourself as well. I commit to meeting you wherever you are on your path, and to carefully take the time to listen and learn your own story to help you formulate a plan to reach your wellness goals.  I don’t presume to know all the answers, or guarantee a perfect outcome, or that my way is the “right way”, but I am confident that together we can get you closer to achieving optimal health.

It has brought me so much joy to see my patients improve their health through my influence and ongoing partnership. My own arduous journey has shed light on my purpose in this lifetime—I believe I am here to help raise the collective consciousness to hone in on the innate power of the mind and body to not only survive, but thrive, and find the beauty and hope in a world that, at times, may seem unfair.  It is through my lifelong education and personal experiences, as well as my empathic nature and trusted intuition that will enable me to carry out this mission. Whether I ultimately accomplish that on a large or small scale, it will be worth every breath.

If you feel you aren’t getting the support you need to reach your goals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. I look forward to meeting you!

With Love and Gratitude,

Co-Founder & Practice Manager

Emilee Catelo, BSHA, CPC

Emilee is a creative and highly adaptive healthcare leader with nearly two decades of service. She has been at the helm of many large scale projects, which include designing impactful learning programs and navigating post-merger & acquisition intricacies. Her vast experience within the industry and dynamic leadership style have significantly contributed to the success of the organizations she has been a part of. Embracing a fervent dedication to the medical industry, Emilee’s true passion lies in fostering collaboration across practices, optimizing operations, and elevating patient and provider satisfaction. Her favorite quote by Richard Branson also aligns with how she values culture:

 “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don't want to."

Practice Supervisor

Benjamin Vargas

Ben is a highly compassionate, resourceful, and trusted member of our team. His diverse background in healthcare began in 2004 where he studied billing and coding. He has since worked in various medical specialties including Cardiology, Orthopedics, Podiatry, Rheumatology, Psychiatry, Pain Management, and Primary Care clinics.

He was raised in San Francisco, California, and moved to Las Vegas in 2001. He is extremely family-oriented and cherishes time with his wife and 3 children. He is an avid churchgoer, and also enjoys basketball and bowling in his spare time.

His diligence in assisting patients with navigating their medical needs along with his knack for working well with all members of the healthcare team makes Ben a highly sought-after individual. His kind and amicable nature contributes to his genuine desire to provide our patients with the best experience possible.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Jeoffrey Tinapay, DNP, APRN, NP-C

Jeff is a compassionate, enthusiastic, and highly motivated Doctorate-leveled Nurse Practitioner. His professional career has been diversified into numerous subspecialties including Primary, Critical, and Cardio-Thoracic Care.  Beginning in 2012, he spent 3 years in the Cardiovascular-Surgical Intensive Care Unit.  Thereafter, he was employed in various hospitals and departments including the Emergency Room, Neurological ICU, Shock Trauma, and Advanced Heart Failure/Transplant ICU.  Additionally, in 2016-2017, he served as an Assistant Professor of Advanced Pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  Relocating to Las Vegas in 2019, Jeff has practiced in Interventional Cardiology, Pain Management, and Family Medicine.

His utilization of guideline-directed medical therapy while incorporating an empathetic and holistic approach demonstrates his devotion to transforming a world where innovation, compassion, and knowledge can optimize quality of life.

A few of many personal values he strives to embody include fairness/equality, inspiring/empowering, true empathy, humbleness, kindness, and respect.

He is the father of a sweet, kind, and friendly Husky Pitbull named Sky. Aside from being a die-hard Foodie, his hobbies and interests include: reading/studying, music, movies, exercising, hiking, and socializing with friends and family. Boxing, basketball, and traveling will forever be childhood passions.

Education/Medical School

  • Touro University – Completed Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (2020)
  • University of Health Science Center San Antonio – Completed Master’s Degree (2017)

Nurse Practitioner

Galia Galindo, FNP-C

Galia is a highly skilled and compassionate Family Nurse Practitioner with a diverse background in healthcare. She has consistently demonstrated a commitment to providing exceptional patient care throughout her career. Her journey in healthcare began with a strong foundation earning her Master of Science in Nursing from Miami Regional University in 2020. In her recent role as a board-certified nurse practitioner, Galia contributed significantly to the healthcare landscape in Las Vegas. She also played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of healthcare professionals. Her teaching philosophy emphasized individualized mentorship, critical thinking development, and creating a supportive learning environment by being cognizant of the physical, mental, and emotional status of her students.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Galia brings cultural sensitivity and effective communication to our practice. Her comprehensive approach to patient care, combined with a wealth of experience, makes her a sought-after healthcare professional. While she devotes most of her days to clinical practice, she also enjoys traveling in her spare time.

We are honored and excited to welcome Galia to Everlast Wellness Group where she can continue her fervent efforts to positively impact the health and wellness of the Las Vegas community.

Empowering seniors to live healthier & happier lives

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